GNF provides a full line of traditional wholesale grocery fare including dry grocery, dairy. frozen, HBC, GM, fresh and packaged meats, deli, candy, snacks, cigarettes, and tobacco. We stock over 12,000 SKU’s in our 127,500 square-foot warehouse facility.

Private Label Brand Identity

Quality and successful private label offerings to stand apart from your competition:
IGA / Hy-Top / Quality Choice

Star Angus Ranch = Premium Fresh Angus Meat Program

Premium Fresh Angus Meat Program

Walnut Creek Foods

Deli / Meat / Snacks / Grocery

National Brand Grocery and Convenience items

Made in Michigan Products

Deering’s Jerky / Krzysiak’s House Noodles & Pierogies / William’s Cheese / Uncle Ray’s Chips /Dearborn Meats / Faygo Cola / Pioneer Sugar / Indian Summer Juice


Quality Cross Dock Programs

Liapri / Webster Garner / Consolidated Fruit / Delallo Brand/ Valu Merchandisers Company